Our Work Matters

Our Why

We help the people who make, market and consume natural and healthy foods to flourish by giving them contract packaging operations they can trust 100%.

Our awesome responsibility is to liberate food manufacturers, consumer packaging groups and growth-inspired brands from worrying about their packaging operations, so they can safely and easily nourish the world with natural and healthy food. As we continuously learn, we thoughtfully share our knowledge, grow each person in our community, and fiercely protect the brands of our clients. We believe in growth-for-all.

Values & Beliefs

We Are Social Givers

+ We make the world better.  
+ We believe that joy = work.
+ We strive to create a fun energy that is contagious.
+ We believe in growth-for-all.
+ It is never “us,” never “them,” always “we.”

We Are People Defenders

+ We are passionate about our work.
+ We feel humility because our work impacts real people: consumers, retailers, suppliers, manufacturers.
+ We pledge to earn the trust of all people who love healthy food.

+ People come first. Relationships are the basis for our decisions.

We Are Idea Liberators

+ We are creative, courageous problem-solvers. Ideas makes us stronger.
+ We honor the diversity and experience each person brings.
+ We believe in a “safe-to-speak-up” culture with no fear of judgment. 

+ We are students first and experts second.
+ We embrace failure and share what we learn from our experiences.

Sustainability Statement

GreenSeed strives to give back more than we take from this world. We never, ever want to be takers. We’ve chosen the longer, sometimes more painful, path toward growth-for-all by focusing on client ideation, leading with transparency, and creating a community of partners who support the mission of our clients.

By being learning-focused, people-focused and growth-inspired, GreenSeed will become the best version of itself and help others in our community do the same. When you flourish, it means we’re doing the work we were meant to do. It is our mission to protect the earth in measurable ways. 

By committing to the Climate Collaborative, GreenSeed has has committed to climate action. The Climate Collaborative is a project of OSC2 and SFTA catalyzing bold climate action among natural products companies. Since its launch in 2017, the Collaborative has brought together more than 600 manufacturers, retailers, brokers, distributors and suppliers together to build existing climate solutions to scale and to find innovative, new ways to help reverse climate change.

Your packaging operations is our awesome responsibility. We intentionally support the word “awesome” in unique ways: through personal development programs for our associates, knowledge sharing across the company, hosting visiting authors, and building a packaging community that believes in healthy, natural food products.

We have a long way to go. We’re honest about that. But, then, every great oak started from one little acorn . . .

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