GreenSeed’s Ideation Process


Plant The Seed

First we learn about you and your product. When you fill out a request for information, we learn if we’re a good fit. We look at your business mission, values, allergen and product requirements time to market schedules and special requests.


Feasibility, Ideas and Brainstorming. Time to run your sample. Do we need to invest in new technology? What pouch size is best? How can your packaging operations support consumer needs? What are your packaging ideas, desires, demands?What’s the time to market? Ideation is messy, but growth possibilities begin to emerge at this stage.


Test Ideas for Proof of Concept. We continue to explore and collaborate on the best packaging operations approach, changeover strategy, technical options, quality benchmarks, and product pricing.

Then, we conduct trial runs (we have a bright blue lab coat all ready for you!) using film structure and enough product to test line speeds, film and flowability. People + ideas. Gotta love it.

The Real Thing

Quality leads the way. Our quality team works alongside you to create and document protocols.

An official Statement of Work follows with ideas turned into action. Our strategy toward managing your packaging operations becomes real.

Innovate First, Interact Second

Imagination flexes like muscle. As people grow, imagination changes. Carl Sagan: “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” Albert Einstein said imagination was more important than knowledge.