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SQFLevel III, Grade E (Excellent) Certified by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute

Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA

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We follow the FDA’s 21 CFR 110 and 111 ruling, which addresses the quality of the manufacturing processes for dietary supplements and the accurate listing of supplement ingredients

GreenSeed is fully adapted to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliance requirements including:

* Preventative Controls (certified PCQI personnel) * Inspection and Compliance * Vendor Certification Program * Allergen Control Program * Sanitation Program * Nut-free facility (See North Building)

Certified Organic

Certified Gluten-Free

We run Kosher products

8 Points of Quality

01 Packaging Material Verification, Sanitation and Allergen Testing

Every truck that comes into our plant is sealed properly and the seal number is verified. Film and cartons are verified against a control. Raw material COAs are checked upon receipt. Allergy control ensures that all packages that contain an allergen are clearly labeled and that the proper steps are taken to sanitize equipment and materials that have come in contact with an allergen before they are used again. For every single run, we go one step further by using Neogen’s Reveal strip tests to test for the presence of the allergen on the sanitized equipment and materials. In addition, we follow a detailed sanitation schedule for all of our equipment and materials – whether they came in contact with an allergen or not. Pouches are packed into cases or cartons and code-dated before passing through a checkweigher. A foreign material risk assessment is completed.

02 Critical Control Points

Critical Control Point #1: When applicable, a sample is pulled for batch testing. At this point, we conduct risk evaluation for biological (vegetative pathogens/sporeforming pathogens) and chemical (allergens, chemicals, mycotoxins and pesticides) hazards. Critical Control Point #2: We use mesh screens and sifters to test for physical hazards (metal, glass, wood, hard plastic, stones). Critical Control Point #3: Product passes through a metal detection system. Inspection, detection and foreign material risk assessment takes place to ensure no physical hazards are present in finished products. Non-foil pouched products pass through a down-line metal detector as well. Critical Control Point #4: Nutritional and allergen statements are verified on the labeling.

03 Quality Tests

GreenSeed Contract Packaging performs various quality tests for healthy foods and nutritional products. Organoleptic tests measure for sensory properties – including sight, smell, taste, and touch. Tests for moisture content and pH levels ensure food quality, safety, consistency, and flavor. Tests for weight control ensure consistency among units of the same product ensuring the customer’s FDA regulatory requirements. Microtesting checks for salmonella and yeast counts. We perform customized quality testing for specific products.

04 Safety

We consistently earn below a 2.0 safety rating from OSHA for BBS. Here’s why: Workplace safety is everyone’s issue at GreenSeed. GreenSeeders participate in weekly safety meetings where the previous week’s safety performance is reviewed. Monthly safety meetings cover updates on topics like injury prevention, protective equipment, and safety protocols. Ideas drive growth and we believe in growth-for-all at GreenSeed so our entire team – from the CEO on down – share ideas in regular safety roundtables. A sustainable lockout/tagout program ensures operator safety. For every three months that pass without incident, GreenSeed Safety Celebrations recognize our team’s safety accomplishments.

05 Data Security

We have off-site, 24/7/365 monitoring of our network technology and maintain cloud-based data backup in addition to onsite backup. In the event of data loss, we have a data recovery plan in place. We continue to invest in IT infrastructure security to protect against data breaches and cyberattacks. Ongoing education and training equips GreenSeeders with knowledge to uphold best practices for information security.

06 Facility Security

Our product intake area is kept securely locked unless a truck is present. Our facility is equipped with an advanced security alarm system with badge access only on all main doors. Each production line has a camera system to visually ensure food security. Signatures are required before people enter the facility (this applies to GreenSeeders too). Visitors are required to sign-in and are escorted at all times after entering the facility. Drivers must check-in to enter the plant.

07 Documentation For 100% Traceability

We track and document the entire flow of your packaging operations. We log every process, lot number, film, and manual/automated process. On average, we produce 30 pages of documentation per SKU. Our quality is further defined by up to 16 audits per year. You have full access to our audit reports. Our quality team conducts hourly line checks for weight control, sealing quality, film verification, temperature and humidity, and proper cartons/cases. Each step of our operations is documented for 100% traceability and 100% transparency. Communication is key. Clients tell us they love how we continuously update them as we manage their packaging operations. Our thought: We’re helping your bring your product to market. To us, that’s an awesome responsibility worth talking about.

08 Continuous Improvement and the Efficiency Scorecard

Every GreenSeeder is a member of the Quality Department. Because of this, we practice continuous improvement and learning through quality training and knowledge sharing. Our HACCP team, led by our chief operations officer, refines process flow diagrams, critical limits and tolerances, new control measures and corrective actions. At a minimum, we conduct and log mock recalls quarterly. Continuous improvement also extends to our values as a sustainable company, supporting the environment through an aggressive company-wide recycling program that saves trees and improves the air we breathe. Supporting our growth-for-all philosophy, each associate on the floor and member of management receives a daily and weekly efficiency scorecard. Efficiency scorecards inspire us to grow as individuals in our work and in the integrity of our work. We’ve seen measurable improvement in our process and programs, helping us become more efficient as a company and reduce overall waste and yield.

Green Seeders Impact Quality

We see quality in terms of relationships. That means quality starts with our people. Our collective curiosity for asking “what-if” questions leads to a collective integrity for the highest quality packaging. GreenSeeders are entrusted with products that nourish infants on up. We take that seriously. Our promise on quality is a promise kept to each and every consumer. Our promise extends to the reputation of the retailers who sell the products and the brands we package. How we learn as individuals, as a team, as a company, as a community drives us to stubbornly redefine industry benchmarks. A successful audit means going above and beyond compliance. A successful day is exceeding our clients’ expectations. A successful package delights the person who buys it and enjoys it. We will never settle on what we know as being good enough. Our approach leads to quality confidence and, most importantly, enduring relationships.