Partner Innovators

Because no person triumphs alone! If you are an ingredient supplier, packaging equipment manufacturer, equity firm or investor in the natural and healthy foods space, then we want to learn about you. Let’s grow a community of people who care about all aspects of enjoying healthy foods. Let’s share our knowledge and grow with each other.


That’s a great question with one modification. More and more larger CPG manufacturers are turning to GreenSeed because of our creativity, nimble flexibility and proof of quality. Through our GS Ideation Process, we offer innovative thinking to middle market and enterprise-size companies, planting the seeds for a more thoughtful, strategic foundation to their packaging operations.

Most likely, we’re not the lowest and we’re not the highest. We understand the value of pricing as much as anybody (after all, we buy things from people too). Our client services team makes sure the Statement of Work is correct. We don’t over promise and then ask for more later. We take a lot of care in making sure we are on point with what you want and how we are going to deliver it at a fair price.

We explore all possibilities. As an extension of our clients’ values and mission, we will consider investing in capex if it makes sense for you and for us.

Business Development

Well, more parts typically add complexity to just about anything. We’ve all heard of the KISS philosophy. But we look at serving you as your contract packager differently. People trust us to be an extension of their values and their mission. We do more changeover than other contract packagers and we ideate with you so you can have more products available in various retailers – from online and in-store. We actually make your life easier and more stress-free so you can focus on making the wonderful, healthy food you are known for.

Two answers here.

Creativity. We stay on top of trends and ensure that we bring creative solutions to your product development at the packaging operations level.

Solution-oriented. We have an in-depth understanding of the packaging industry and what consumers are looking for. Sometimes, the solutions are not just from us either. We’re building a community of people in the packaging industry who care about healthy and natural foods. We’re delighted to connect you with people who support your mission – even if we don’t benefit from it.

Not rigid at all! We welcome questions any time. We call it an “open door” policy to ongoing ideation.

We follow procedures, quality documentation and required certifications for your product categories. Our 8 Points of Quality protects your brand. We champion brand protection because of our people and our perspective: We are an extension of you, our client company.


The ultimate goal is to manufacture products at a reasonable cost and have your products out on time and not out-of-stock. We’ve never missed a launch date – ever. Count on us.


By sharing in your values. We help you get your packaging out – with the highest level of quality – on-time and on-budget. Then we go beyond that and say: Your customers trust you and are counting on you. With GreenSeed managing your packaging operations, we confidently contribute to the reasons why.


Absolutely. We believe in growth-for-all. When we manage packaging operations for manufacturers, we know that the packaging must be safe, crisp and beautiful on your shelf.