Our production and engineering teams support the mission and values of natural and healthy food manufacturers.

Our focus is on sustainability. We do this by emphasizing quality throughout the packaging line, using the most reliable and precise technology for contract packaging of dry food, reducing waste, and operations experts who are not afraid to speak their mind about continuous improvement.

Primary Packaging

GreenSeed Standup Pouch Mockup
GreenSeed Stick Packs Mock up
GreenSeed Single Packet Mock Up
GreenSeed Composite Can Mockup

Horizontal and vertical f/f/s packaging

Canisters 211 and 401 diameters

Net weight and auger filling

Dedicated production rooms with temperature and humidity controlled

Dietary supplement packaging

Secondary Packaging

Retail, Club, Variety Packs, E-Commerce

Packaging Consulting


Facility Management




2 Buildings, 1 Company, 0 Cross-Contamination

Learn more about our Allergen and Non-Allergen Buildings

To prevent cross-contamination, GreenSeed offers two buildings spanning a total of 120,000 sq ft.  The “South Building” is for allergen packaging operations while the “North Building” is for non-allergen packaging operations. Each building provides dedicated rooms for your lines

GreenSeed provides custom solutions
in contract packaging

We begin with idea-making through the GS Ideation process, a creative and consultative approach to managing your packaging operations. From there, we figure out your unique packaging operations solution with you and put the right steps in place to get your product to market on-time and on-budget.

Of course, words mean little without proof.
Here are the straight facts.

We manage packaging operations for dried foods in a certified SQF level III facility. All primary packaging is managed in an enclosed environmentally controlled room with secondary and tertiary packaging set-up.

Packaging Technology: Greater Precision, Less Food Waste

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