Like many of you, GreenSeed Contract Packaging is gearing up for the mother of all shows: Natural Products Expo West. And we’re debuting a package so cool it will change the way people snack. First, though, let’s talk Anaheim in March.

This show is like trick or treating at Whole Foods.

You could live off the trail mixes and popcorn alone. The beef jerky line-up is exceptional – start-ups vie for star status right alongside big brands. There are kettle chips that make your mouth water and water with electrolytes to make you smarter. Cap it off with a protein-infused ice cream bar, and you’ve pretty much walked through natural food nirvana.

Then there are things that just make you happy, like the Sasquatch guy. You know you’re in La-La Land (OK, Anaheim is 30 miles south of LA, but pretty darn close, and no I haven’t seen the movie yet) when a furry beast seven feet tall stands like a kiosk covered in pouch bags filled with treats – each one fastened by Velcro for easy grab-and-go. The sight sets off endorphins exploding in my head.

Natural Products Expo West is fun. And we can’t wait to go. Our industry is different than any other industry out there. We are a movement of people who believe in healthy living.

I ask you: What other tradeshow offers yoga on the lawn? What other show connects you with people who care about the way we all live? What other show has Big Foot?

Back to our big announcement on how we’re gearing up to change the way people snack all over the planet.

This year, we are introducing new packaging technology in a joint venture with ProAmpac, a global flexible packaging company. Here’s what I can share: There will be 5,000 samples handed out at ProAmpac’s booth and three of our clients’ booths. It’s GreenSeed’s big evolutionary moment to expand the packaging anatomy of snack makers who want to be change makers.

build your culture natural product west

Also, we’ll be taking the stage to discuss a topic we’re passionate about: culture. Grab a seat on March 11 at high noon when GreenSeed’s Executive Vice President David Gray joins authors Andy Fleming and Andy Swindler for “Build Your Culture, Grow Your People, Advance Your Business.” Relationships, to us, are like sun and water for a little seed. Culture within a company amplifies that thinking across the entire enterprise. Amazing things follow.

Speaking of amazing, this will knock your socks off. According to New Hope Network, there were 3,000 attendees at Natural Foods Expo West when it debuted in 1981. Last year, there were 77,684. Growth is all around us in the healthy living space – in homes, shopping carts, school lunch boxes, restaurants and brown bag lunches stuck in company kitchen refrigerators. Closer to home, GreenSeed doubled its feet on the shop floor this past year as we continue to diversify our product portfolio. We’re spreading our wings.

In a couple weeks, we’ll be using wings to fly west. California sun, here we come. We feel grateful for this opportunity to connect with all our clients and future clients at the show.

If you want to meet up at Expo West, email me at [email protected] Maybe we can compare beef jerky notes, talk about trends, or even grab a pouch from Big Foot together.

Brad Meridith is the Client Services Manager for GreenSeed Contract Packaging, a Batavia, Ill.-based packaging operations company passionate about healthy foods and nutritional products. Contact Brad at [email protected] or (630) 761-8544.