It’s not a secret that there’s been a conscious shift away from sugary, processed snacks and sweets. As consumers look for more and more “Good For You” (G.F.Y.) products, the Natural Food Industry is in the midst of a great opportunity. Now retailers are focused on filling their shelves with all-natural products that keep consumers’ sweet tooth appeased and feeling guilt-free.

GreenSeed Contract Packaging is thrilled to be involved in this growing trend and market of the Natural Food Industry. We pride ourselves on changing the way the world sees food and the role available in the sweets and snacks space is particularly exciting. By utilizing our relationships with retailers and manufacturers, we are creatively designing solutions that consumers gravitate to in the aisles.

Grocery Shopping packaging choices

In order to easily portray the image of guilt-free and G.F.Y. snacks and sweets to the consumer, the industry is heading toward many single-serve portion options. As Janet Forgive explains, “Trends including a rise in snacking, a craving for convenience and the demand for an easier way to control portion sizes, are driving a rise in single-serve and snack-sized food packaging.”[1] This is particularly the case for health-minded consumers, who are valuing portion control as well as the convenience factor in their snacking. At this point, the Nielsen organization is reporting that a staggering 91% of consumers snack at least once a day.[2].

As Contract Packagers – as an organization – we are looking to continue our support with the natural food market’s demand by working with emerging and leading natural food companies. GreenSeedCP provides capital, manufacturing, & packaging design management expertise to contribute on all levels of operations for the product. Collaboratively with entrepreneurs & proven brands, we supply the most effective solution to grow & expand these products to reach the snack & sweet lovers among us. Learn how GreenSeed is helping to develop new snack & sweet initiatives today.

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