About Us

GreenSeed Contract Packaging


What if Your Contract Packager Helped You Flourish As a Person, A Category Leader and Humanitarian?

Sure, it’s a bold “what-if.” Is there any other kind?

Our Story – Learn About Us!

GreenSeed Contract Packaging manages packaging operations for large and middle market CPG manufacturers passionate about natural and healthy foods. Taking note of a few things we don’t do might help you understand what we actually love to do. We don’t do film. We don’t do package design. We don’t carry stock packaging. Nope. We are purists. We strategize the best approach to your packaging operations through the GS Ideation Process. Then, you give us the healthy food and packaging materials. We supply the talent and packaging equipment to bring your product ideas to life.

Our people set us apart. From our production and engineering teams (warning: they are obsessive about quality!) to client-facing GreenSeeders (these people tell it like it is – in a good way), we exist for one purpose: to help you flourish. We began out of defiance for the status quo in 2010. Our mission: to be a contract packager that stood for something bigger than ourselves.

We put our growth-for-all philosophy into practice in three distinct ways:


Your product ideas take center stage through the GS Ideation Process, a creative, thoughtful approach to packaging innovation. When people and ideas come together, we all grow as individuals.


Our value chain is defined by 8 Points of Quality, nimble flexibility and continuous learning. We will do our part for you to achieve category leadership.


You and GreenSeed, we will change the way the world sees food. Together, we will embolden the lives of real people with healthy food for healthy living.

Our name comes from the concept of growth – that place where energy becomes transformative. A tiny seed breaks open. Life emerges. Roots grow and a shoot appears in the dirt. With the right light and hydration, that seed can grow into gardens and endless acres of goodness. This is our role as a contract packager: to embrace the awesome responsibility of being the last touch point before your food is shared with the world. By managing your packaging operations, you have more time to focus on your business with less worry and stress.

After all, growth isn’t always easy. It’s even harder when you are alone. Growth makes you expand, learn and even fail sometimes. Finding the right partner, however, makes growing achievable and enjoyable. GreenSeed is headquartered in Batavia, Ill., just 40 miles west of Chicago (stop by any time!), with an office in Atlanta, Georgia.